2020 Scholarships

The Anchorage Running Club will award up to five $3,000 scholarships in 2020!

Anchorage high school graduating seniors who are runners are eligible to apply. This includes seniors from public, private and charter schools within the Municipality of Anchorage, as well as home-schooled seniors.

Minimum qualifications include two years of participation in running activities during high school -- track and field and/or cross country running. In addition to the student's involvement with running, the Scholarship Committee considers the student's community involvement and service, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, academic ability and financial need. We are not necessarily looking for the fastest runners -- we are looking for enthusiasm for running now and into the future!

Anchorage high school seniors who are interested and qualified are encouraged to download the ARC 2020 Scholarship Application and submit it according to the instructions with the Application Form. The application deadline is March 6, 2020.

<Download 2020 ARC Scholarship Application MS Word format>|

<Download 2020 ARC Scholarship Application Form PDF format>