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Spring Clinic Series

The running club will be holding a series of spring clinics for running club members. The eight event series will be held on Thursday evenings beginning April 12 and continuing through May 31. Three of the events will be held in partnership with the Special Olympics. Here is the list of this year's clinics:

  • Meet Your Feet with Margo Sorum: April 12, 6pm Russian Jack Chalet
  • Beginning Running Techniques with Dr. Mason McCloskey DC, CSCS: April 19, 6pm Special Olympics Facility, 3200 Mountain View Drive
  • Dynamic Stretching with Michael Wahlig PT, DPT, OCS, COMT: April 26, 6pm Kincaid Bunker
  • Yoga for Runners with Margo Sorum: May 3, 6pm Russian Jack Chalet
  • Dynamic Stretching with Barbara Lemmel, PT, DPT, SCS: May 10, 6pm Special Olympics Facility, 3200 Mountain View Drive
  • Biomechanics with Dr. Mason McCloskey DC,CSCS: May 17, 6pm Kincaid Bunker
  • Galloway Run Walk Method with Tammy Morton: May 24, 6pm Special Olympics Facility, 3200 Mountain View Drive
  • Trail Running with Matias Saari:May 31, 6pm Hilltop Nordic Trailhead

<Download PDF for more detailed description of the clinics and runner requirements>


Sleeping Lady Challenge

The Sleeping Lady Challenge is back. Run at least three Anchorage Running Club qualifying events and receive the Sleeping Lady Challenge medal to commemorate your accomplishment.

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