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Anchorage Running Club


Dome Track Closures for April


April will be another another busy month for the the Dome's track as teams from local area schools continue to need it for training and competetion. Download the April closure schedule if you are interested in using the track at the Dome during April.



2014 Track Clubs and Training Groups

The Peak Performers Track Club held their first training session this past Tuesday. Yes, it's that time of year again. We would like to post information regarding this year's spring/summer training groups now that the training season has started. If you would like to have information about your running group posted to our web site please contact the running club at: webmaster@anchoragerunningclub.org with the information. As a minimum we would like to have the name of the group , starting/ending date, time and location, cost, coach/coaches if applicable, skill level of the runners in the group ( advanced, intermediate, beginner, everyone etc.) plus any other information that would be useful to people interested in joining.

We would like to have the information by April 25.

2014 Scholarship Application Period Has Closed


The application period for the 2014 runninig club scholarships has closed. The scholarship committee wishes to thank this year's running seniors who applied. The club hopes to make the 2014 scholarship award announcements by the end of April.



Who We Are


The Anchorage Running Club is a not-for-profit association of over four hundred individuals who share a common interest in running and/or walking. Our membership is represented by the entire spectrum of performance, including elite runners, mid-packers, back-of-the-packers, and recreational walkers. Among our ranks are marathoners, triathletes, race walkers, high school cross country team members, the young, the not-so-young, male and female alike. The Anchorage Running Club truly offers something for everyone!



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